Part-Time Chief Marketing Officer

We bridge the gap between an over-qualified, over-compensated CMO
and an under-experienced marketer.

About This Service

For organizations with revenue between $1M-$15M/year, it typically doesn’t make sense to hire a full-time CMO. What makes paying a huge overhead of $160,000-$250,000 for the role of a marketing executive so frustrating is there is rarely need for a full-time person. Instead,high-growth businesses like yours need to protect that capital and use it for bringing in top tactical talent.

Most organizations we’ve seen with revenue below $15M per year have CMO’s saddled with low-value tasks like writing email copy and proofing ads. These tasks that are better suited for lower-paid team members.The CMO’s chief role is to translate the direction from the CEO and Board into yearly, quarterly and monthly marketing goals. Those goals should then be translated into campaigns that are measured both qualitatively and quantitatively and drive qualified leads into the business.

Net CMO Services

Our CMOs work as a part-time member of your company’s executive management team, they also are available for strategic projects and coaching services. What kind of CMO do you need to grow?

Outsourced CMO

•  Part-time, Executive Addition to Management Team – Net CMO becomes a part-time executive addition to your staff, bringing a market-based perspective to crystalize strategy and manage implementation to drive growth. (Our Most Popular Offering)

•   Strategic Project Support – For extra executive

bandwidth or to pass off an entire strategic project, NET CMO is ready to help. Your CMO will drive the strategy and make sure your project delivers results on time.

Advisory CMO

•   Coaching Services for Marketing Development

– Looking to maximize the impact of your limited marketing resources? NET CMO offers an experienced C-level executive coach to mentor your company’s marketing leader and make big things happen.

•   Advisory Services for CEO Support – For business leaders who want to personally develop their market-orientation and marketing effectiveness, NET CMO offers this cost-effective advisory service for CEOs.

•   Strategic Planning Workshops – Tap decades of experience of a tenured CMO for your strategic planning process! Our proven approach to 1/2 day to 2-day planning sessions are quarterly, valuable checkpoints anytime a fresh look is required.

•   Marketing Audits – Perhaps you’d simply like an objective opinion about your current marketing department, your processes and initiatives. A marketing audit will produce clarity and actionable

insights in a short timeframe, at a reasonable cost.

How This Service Works

By spending ten hours a week inside your organization, your Net CMO will:

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